COBI City Council precinct voting analysis

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By Scott Hamilton

Precinct voting patterns are available now from the Kitsap County Auditor’s office for the Bainbridge Island City Council Race.

Although the final votes won’t be tallied for another week, new votes being recorded are now at a trickle. The final results may alter the tied precincts and those won by only two or three votes.

Bainbridge Comment plotted the precinct-by-precinct voting results and visualized them on a map.

At Large

Kirsten Hytopoulos carried all but four precincts citywide.

Anthony Oddo won precincts 305, 312, 320 and 340 by margins of 4-48 votes.

Hytopoulos won her precincts by as little as 50.7% of the vote to more than 67%.

North Ward

Kevin Fetterly won five precincts: 314, 320, 335, 336 and 340 by a spread of 2-42 votes.

Kol Medina’s winning vote margins ranged from 50.7% to 64.8%.

Central Ward

Marred by controversy over a “Hillary for Prison 2016” tank top, Grayson Wildsmith lead on election night but tanked in the voting then on. The photo of him in this shift hit Facebook and the media after voting began. Incumbent Leslie Schneider won reelection comfortably.

Still, by Nov. 15, Wildsmith carried precinct 315 with a 58.6% vote and tied in 322 and in 340.

South Ward

Michael Pollock won every precinct in the city. The narrowest lead was in 312, with a 51.93% vote. The widest margin was 69.3% in precinct 314.

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