Certified results confirm results from third day of counting in city council election

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Certified results, issued Nov. 26 by the Kitsap County Auditor, affirmed the Bainbridge city council election outcome that became apparent by Nov. 7.

Results for the At Large, North and South Wards were within 1% of the Election Night results in which Kirsten Hytopoulos, Kol Medina and Michael Pollock were clear winners in the respective wards.

Only in the Central Ward, where Grayson Wildsmith held a 1.3% lead over incumbent Leslie Schneider on Election Night, did final results vary dramatically.

Wildsmith lost his lead on the second day of ballot counting, dropping 2.3% to trail Schneider 51.1% to 47.8%. By the third night, results made it clear Schneider would win reelection as she picked up another 2% of the balloting.

By the certified, final results, Scheinder defeated Wildsmith 53.9% to 43.9%, with 2.3% of the results for write-ins.

Voting was already underway via mail-in balloting when a college photo surfaced of Wildsmith in a “Hillary for Prison 2016” tank top. Wildsmith said he wore the tank top to a party to spur conversation. However, on Facebook, his claim was challenged by some who wrote they knew him at Gonzaga University, where he attended college.

Late voting apparently flipped on this photo, leading to Wildsmith 10 percentage point loss to Schneider.

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