Bainbridge Comment (BC) will focus on land use, traffic concurrency and government issues with detail and analysis unavailable in local media.

Why is BC being created?

There are issues that local media simply doesn’t cover well because the reporters tend to be generalists. There are several specialty blogs on the Island that cover specific issues, such as Island Center or the Suzuki property, but these do not cover Island-wide issues. BC will attempt to fill this void.

Publication will be sporadic because this is a “free-time” endeavor.

Bainbridge Comment was founded in 2019 by Scott Hamilton.

Hamilton and his wife moved to the Island in 2016 after 21 years in Sammamish. In Sammamish, Hamilton served on the Planning Advisory Board, which wrote the new city’s first Comprehensive Plan. He also served on the Planning Commission, which created the Town Center Plan and the city’s first Low Impact Development Ordinance.

In 2003, Hamilton founded Sammamish Comment, an independent news source for Sammamish that has served as a watchdog of the city government.