Reader interest in council candidates gauged

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Nov. 4, 2019: Tomorrow is election day for the Bainbridge City Council and other localelection-logo-2019 races.

No formal polling is done, so candidates go into tomorrow unclear how they stand.

Voting has been underway since Oct. 18, when ballots began to be received in the mail.

Bainbridge Comment published candidate questionnaires from all eight candidates on the ballot plus one write-in candidate (for the Central Ward) from Oct. 11-Oct. 18.

In the absence of formal polling, BC tabulated the Readership Views of each Ward and At Large race and calculated the level of interest in each candidate’s questionnaire.

The story about Grayson William Wildsmith’s photo as a college student at Gonzaga University was read more than the No. 2 post by a factor of 2.5. The photo showed Wildsmith wearing a “Hillary for Prison 2016” tank top. Wildsmith claims he was wearing the shirt at a party just to spur conversation. He claims he voted for Clinton.

In 2016, 80% of Bainbridge voters chose Clinton over Donald Trump.

Based on the Readership Views, the following results were calculated:

Readership Interest 110419

These results should not be considered predictive of the election outcome or equated to scientific polling. Readers showed the most interest in write-in candidate Cynthia Bellas in the Cental Ward; write-in candidates rarely pull more than a few percentage points when the votes are counted.


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