Wildsmith under fire for “Hillary in Prison” T-Shirt

Posted by
Grayson William Wildsmoth

Fury erupted Monday and Tuesday over a college-era photo of Bainbridge City Council candidate Grayson Wildsmith in which he wore a T-shift adorned with “Hillary for Prison 2016.”

Several people on both sides said he won their vote or lost their vote over the slogan.

Two postings on Facebook’s Bainbridge Islanders group containing the photo were taken down when people complained that this was “hate speech.”

A third posting with only the slogan survived.

Wildsmith did not respond on any of the specific posts. He did make a statement to Bainbridge Review, in which he said he didn’t vote for Trump and only wore the T-shift to spur conversation at a party.

“The context was that I was a political science major in college and wore that shirt to a gathering of friends with the hope of stirring discussion about the problems in our government — both Republican and Democrat — and it worked! I firmly believe that more women need to be in leadership positions worldwide. Also, I voted for Hillary,” Wildsmith said, Bainbridge Review reported.

Wildsmith did not respond to three requests for a response from Bainbridge Comment.

Wildsmith lists, among his endorsements, Larry Gossett, a long-serving Democrat on the King County Council. He’s also endorsement by council candidate Michael Pollock and retiring council member Ron Peltier.


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