Voting for Bainbridge City Council

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Election day is Nov. 5 and voting patterns indicate that most people cast their ballots this weekend.

Bainbridge Comment presented long questionnaires to the eight candidates running for four city council seats up for election who are on the ballot, plus one write-in candidate.

Their answers were posted over two weeks. You may scroll down from the home page to find the candidate’s response or click on them below.

Even though there in one “At Large” seat and three Wards from north to south, all voters vote for all positions. The list below is in order of appearance on the ballot.

At Large, District 1

Anthony Oddo

Kirstin Hytopoulos

North Ward, District 2

Kol Medina

Kevin Fetterly

Central Ward, District 4

Leslie Schneider

Grayson William Smith

(Write-in: Cynthia Bellas)

South Ward, District 6

Sarah Blossom

Michael Pollock

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